Copy of About – Cozy Curlers

Copy of About

Cozy Curlers is a product of La Courant, a small start-up business in Southern Utah. Our goal is to help empower you to be confident in the way you look and feel, by enhancing your natural beauty with non-damaging, time-saving products.

Origin Story

Hi, my name is Caitlyn and I'm the inventor of Cozy Curlers. Everyone asks how I came up with this idea, so here's the story:

Growing up with a mom as a hairstylist, I had every type of hair curler you can imagine. I always loved having curly hair, but hated the damage and wasted time traditional heated tools created. For years I wanted long hair, but could never get my hair to grow! It wasn't until a few summers ago, that my hair finally started growing and I realized it was because I hadn't used any heat on it in months. But once I started using heat on my hair again, I had to cut a few inches off because of the damage from my curling iron. I wanted long hair, but I wanted stylish, long, healthy hair.

For this reason, I started trying heatless products and ways to curl/wave hair without heat. Since none of them worked on my thick, long, layered hair, I decided to make my own. After many prototypes and lots of testing, Cozy Curlers were born.

It has been a long, hard process finding the right materials to make the coziest curlers possible, and various techniques to help our customers achieve the curls of their dreams. We are excited to see how Cozy Curlers works for you!


Our Initiative

Cozy Curlers were designed in order to accomplish these initiatives:

  • Damage-free, no-heat styling solutions allow hair to stay healthy. Prolonged use of heated products can cause hair to break, leaving hair in an undesirable condition.
  • Soft, comfortable materials allow you to sleep in the curlers without the discomfort that comes from traditional heatless curlers that use Velcro, hard-plastic, or metal. Our curlers use comfy, pillow-like foam and soft, stretchy nets to secure the hair onto the curler.
  • Time-saving, stylish results that allow you to reduce the time spent on their hair. By doing this, you can focus your time and energy on more important tasks while showcasing effortless style.