Results – Cozy Curlers


Loose, Long Curls!

It was this cute girls first time ever using Cozy Curlers! She used just 3 Cozy Curlers to get these amazing curls!

Short Layered CurlsDo Cozy Curlers work on short hair? Yes they do! Here are the results after just an hour or so of leaving in Cozy Curlers. We will have an overnight tutorial on the website soon for short curls! Stay tuned!

Everyday Heatless Curls

Use curlers overnight for the easiest, healthiest everyday curls! 

Bouncy, Voluminous Curls

Get Bouncy Curls by wrapping hair overnight in all 8 curlers!

Light Waves

Use Cozy Curlers for 1-2 hours while getting ready to get light, beachy waves! 

Sexy, Bombshell Curls

Wrap Cozy Curlers lower on the head for gorgeous big curls!

Loose Curls

Get soft, loose curls by using the curlers for less time while getting ready for the day.

Vintage Curls

Wrap Cozy Curlers tighter in the front and looser in the back to get vintage curls to complement your timeless makeup look!