Using Cozy Curlers is so easy... once you figure them out! If you haven't figured out how to use them or want to learn how to get different types of curls, you are in the right place! Scroll through this page to find everything you need to get beautiful, heatless curls.

This tutorial covers the basics of using Cozy Curlers. You can get a variety of styles when you use Cozy Curlers, but make sure to take even sections of hair and wrap them consistently. It's also important to make sure your hair is at least slightly damp before putting them in your hair & completely dry before taking them out. 

NEW TUTORIAL - The Easy Net Method

If you struggle with the net on your Cozy Curlers - The Easy Net Method is for you! This is an alternative way to wrap your Cozy Curlers if you have a hard time doing the double wrap.

Click on a link to view our tutorials & tips for different styles!

Cozy Curlers Instructions & Tutorial Video

The Double Wrap | Securing Cozy Curlers Overnight

Voluminous, Bouncy Curls

Loose Curls

2 Cozy Curlers wrapped high w/ a scrunchie

Easy, Everyday Curls using 4 Cozy Curlers

Medium Length Loose Curls Demo ft. Taylor

Tight Curls

Cozy Curlers wrapped in a ball:

Tight Wrap Method

Bouncy Curls ft. Kiesha

Cozy Curlers wrapped lengthwise:

Tight Curls Demo

Naturally Textured Hair

Naturally Curly Tutorial ft. Naturally Sade

Curls for Locs | Tips for Curling Loc'd Hair

Halloween Hairstyles

Hocus Pocus Winifred Costume


We are working to keep this page updated with more tutorials, tips, and advice to help you get the most out of your Cozy Curlers. If you have any specific questions about using Cozy Curlers, feel free to contact us at cl@cozycurlers.com