Tutorials – Cozy Curlers


How to use Cozy Curlers:

Watch this tutorial to learn how to correctly use Cozy Curlers to get the curls of your dreams while you sleep! Thanks for watching! 

Heatless, Everyday Curls  |  4 Cozy Curlers Tutorial

Learn how to get heatless, easy, everyday curls with just 4 Cozy Curlers!

The Double Wrap

The Double Wrap can be tricky at first. Watch this video to learn how to secure your Cozy Curlers for overnight curls.

No-Heat Curls in 2 Hours | Tight Wrap Method

Watch this tutorial to learn how to get these beautiful heatless curls using the tight wrap method!

How to Get No Heat Curls with Paige Sevier

Watch how Paige gets her stylish, loose curl look without having to break out her curling iron!

Long Hair, Two Curlers

Is it possible to fit all of your hair into just two Cozy Curlers? Here is the video proof! Styling long, thick, layered hair doesn't have to be time consuming anymore thanks to Cozy Curlers!

Loose Curls

Cozy Curlers can be wrapped in different way to get amazing curls. Hairstylist  @taylor.b.hair uses 4 Cozy Curlers to get gorgeous loose curls! 


Soft Curls: 6 Curlers

Alexis from AW Creates made this awesome video that shows another way you can use your Cozy Curlers to get incredible heatless curls using just 6 Curlers overnight. 

 Long Hair, Do Care!

Get the curls of your dreams while you sleep, using just 4 Curlers! 

How to Fix a Weird Curl

Please note that the best way to NOT get a band at the top of the hair is to make sure the hair is not too wet when you put in your Cozy Curlers. I leave the top of my hair dry when I use Cozy Curlers, so I never get any bands. In this video, I purposely made a band by leaving it too wet and too tight at the top of my hair to show you how to fix it. After letting it sit for about 5 minutes with a little bit of water, it straightened out and you couldn't even tell there was ever a band to begin with.

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