How to Use Cozy Curlers

How to Use Cozy Curlers

This video tutorial explains the entire process of how to use Cozy Curlers in under 5 minutes. You can also view our recommended tutorial for more tips.


1) Part slightly-damp (not wet) hair into sections. We suggest using a spray bottle to mist your hair evenly. To avoid indents in your hair, try to keep the top of your hair (the area the elastic goes around) as dry as possible. 

Place curler behind the section of parted-off hair. Net hanging at the bottom.

2) Starting at the top of the sectioned off hair, wrap hair around the curler, until all hair is wrapped to the ends.

3) Secure ends of hair with fingers. With other hand, open netting.

4) Secure ends of hair with the netting.

5) Open netting to place around hair and the Cozy Curler.

6) Secure one side of the elastic (open end of net) over the top of the foam curler. 


7) Pull the other side of the elastic over the opposite side of the curler to complete the double wrap. Click here for more information about the double wrap.

8) Repeat until all hair is secured in the curlers. Then let set until completely dry or sleep.

(The longer they are in your hair, the better the curls will hold).

9) Undo the top elastic and begin taking hair out of the nets and separate the curls.

10) Enjoy your heatless, beautiful curls! You can use hairspray to help hold the curl or add some smoothing cream, hair oil, or leave-in conditioner to help smooth any frizzy pieces.

If you found the double wrap confusing, please visit 

Check out our tutorials page for more Cozy Curlers inspiration.

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