What are Cozy Curlers?

Cozy Curlers are a versatile heatless hair curler that can create anything from loose waves to bouncy, tight curls depending on how you wrap them.

What Size of Cozy Curlers do you Need?

Start at your natural part and measure to the tips of your hair. After finding the longest length of your hair, use the chart to find which version of Cozy Curlers would work best for you.

Short Cozy Curlers

11 -15 inches

Around Shoulder Length

Regular Cozy Curlers

16 - 29 inches

Collarbone - Waist Length

Extra Long Cozy Curlers

30+ inches

Hip Length & Longer

How are Cozy Curlers Different?

Cozy & Comfortable

Cozy Curlers are made with light, airy foam & soft, stretchy nets so you can actually sleep on them!


Want loose waves or tight curls? Cozy Curlers can do both & MORE! Check out some of the different types of curls others have gotten using Cozy Curlers.

No Heat Damage

Get your hair slightly damp with water (or the product of your choice, give your hair time to dry, and voila! Beautiful heatless curls!

Save Time

Instead of spending an hour damaging your hair with a curling iron, put Cozy Curlers in at night & wake up to gorgeous curls!

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