Cozy Curlers - The Easy Way to Heatless, Overnight Curls

What are Cozy Curlers?

Cozy Curlers are a new way to curl your hair easily & comfortably without using heat! You shouldn't have to spend an hour curling your hair or sleep on uncomfortable old-fashioned curlers. Get the styles you want with Cozy Curlers!

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Damage-Free, No Heat Styling

Time Saving, Stylish Results

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What is included in each set of Cozy Curlers?

Do they Work on Long Hair?

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What about Shorter Hair?

Get the Styles You Want! Watch this Video to see a few styles you can get using Cozy Curlers!

How to Use Cozy Curlers

Using Cozy Curlers is easy. You simply wrap, secure, sleep, then take them out!

In this video, 6 curlers are used in the hair overnight to achieve easy, everyday curls. The flexible nets allow you to put any amount of hair into a curler to achieve the look you want. You can do anything from light waves to big, bouncy curls!

Check out our Tutorials page to learn more about how to use your Cozy Curlers!

Customer Reviews

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