Short Cozy Curlers

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No Heat, No Damage, No Problem! Get Beautiful Curls the Easy Way with Cozy Curlers!

Short Cozy Curlers are much easier to use on shorter lengths of hair ranging from chin length to about collarbone length. We do not recommend these for pixie cuts or for longer lengths of hair.

Although our current tutorials feature our regular Cozy Curlers, you can wrap the Short Cozy Curlers the same way. To view our tutorials please visit:

We are still in the process of creating tutorials with the shorter curlers, so if you have any questions about how to use them please email us at

Cozy Curlers create the curls and waves you want without using heat. Unlike other overnight curlers that are a pain to sleep in, Cozy Curlers only use soft, comfortable materials, so you can actually sleep! Plus they can help you save time, while getting the curls and waves you want - and did we mention no heat damage?

Each set contains 8 Cozy Curlers and a designer marbled bag, but that doesn't mean you have to use all 8. Many of our customers use just 2-4 Cozy Curlers to get the styles they want.

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Excellent for the shorty haired girlies!


Love these


So far, I’m loving these. Arrived fast too.


They work great for my hair, thank you 🧡

Courtney Biernesser
Not what I expected

The foam really makes the curls uneven even tho I got the correct type for my short hair. I wish I hadn't spent so much money on foam and netting that stretch out so much.

I'm sorry to hear your curls came out uneven. Cozy Curlers are designed to create a variety of curls. The key to any style using Cozy Curlers is to plan out even sections before wrapping them. If you use 6 curlers on 1/2 of your head and only 2 on the other side, the curls will be very different. Using clips or scrunchies to divide the sections before wrapping them can be very helpful for first time users.

It also helps to wrap them consistently. If you indent the foam tightly on one curler and wrap it loosely around another, the curl will come out differently. Your hair should also be evenly damp, which is why we suggest using a spray bottle (which was included with Cozy Curlers) to mist your hair.

The foam shouldn't be stretching out, but may become indented when it is wrapped tightly. It should go back into place on its own, but if it's taking a while you can mist it with a spray bottle and plump it with your fingers. The nets are an elastic material that can stretch out to hold a lot of hair. If they feel too stretched out, try doing the double wrap to keep them secure. Here's a link to a blog post covering the double wrap

If you have any other questions about using Cozy Curlers for your hair type or about the products durability, please feel free to contact us at We are happy to help!