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I love these! I’m a fan of the style!

Great product!

I actually have shorter hair. It’s shoulder length. I’m planning on growing it out and really didn’t want to buy two sets of the same roller. Even with my shoulder length hair this works beautifully! It gives body to my hair. My hair is very straight so eventually curls always fall out even with product but the body it gives is still awesome! Love it.

Honestly, it is one of the best styles of heatless curlers that I've used. Comfy to sleep with. Leaves a long-lasting curl if done correctly. Well made, and the storage bag is beautiful. I've got 22inch, long, thick hair and I find that one bag suffices for a full head.

I can sleep with them in! They work great

Cozy Curlers
Jordan Barnes
Using these the rest of my life

I have thick, nearly waist-length hair, and I stopped using heat on my hair ~8 years ago, which for me essentially meant giving up curled hair. In my 30 years I’ve tried every “heatless curls” method I’ve found or been recommended - from socks & cut up t shirts, the headband, the plastic clip foam roller things we all had, etc. and they all suffered the same problems: weird crimps, flat ends, damp centers, weird uneven results, and a massive neck pain after a restless night.
Cozy Curlers have literally solved *all* of those problems for me, and I’m not exaggerating. They don’t have any rod or hard parts to cause crimps, they’re soft enough to sleep in, they dry completely through if I don’t dampen the hair too much, they’re so lightweight I don’t notice them when I have them in throughout the day. The list goes on. I legitimately put my hair up in them when I want my hair out of my face and off my neck. It takes me ~15 minutes with my long hair, and for two days I have gorgeous hair. I just ordered my second package since I was curious if it would help with drying time, which it did and resulted in suuuper voluminous curls. I won’t be buying any other type of heatless curlers, I don’t need to, these work so well for me and are absolutely worth the money.
Tips: If you’re okay with using product, using mousse helps with hold time, If you want to help them dry faster with gentle heat, YouTube “DIY hooded dryer” (it’s just a pair of leggings and a hair dryer), and then let your hair cool completely before taking out the curlers. Have fun!

Cozy Curlers

It's so easy to use and results are amazing! Tempted to buy another one to see what results i can get with 2 packs!

Love these

Cozy Curlers

Love these so much! Was painfully using the Sleep Styler before these.
C.C are easy to pop on/remove, even the double wrap method was easy to learn, and they are soooo comfy to sleep in with no heat damage!
Love the versatility with number of rollers and tighter/looser curls/waves.
My daughter is currently sleeping with 2 on.
Lastly, customer service is on point! I received a scrunchy and a cute spray bottle

Love these! They are so easy to use & comfortable to sleep in. I'll be gifting a set to my niece.

What I expected.

Great customer service!!

Easy to use

Cozy Curlers

Not easy to use

I'm sorry that you're having difficulties using your Cozy Curlers. Cozy Curlers are a versatile curler that can create loose or tight curls, but learning all the ways to use them can be tricky at first.

Our recommended tutorial covers multiple methods of using Cozy Curlers for different types of curls. It has been very helpful for many our customers. You can find this and other videos on our website's tutorial page.

Please feel free to message us if you have any questions about using them. We are here to help!

I was deciding whether or not to cut off my hair because I don’t have time to do it in the mornings. This was a last ditch effort to keep my long hair and it totally works and it is totally worth it. It takes a couple of minutes to prepare the curlers in my hair before bed and then I can just wake up and have amazing hair! Game changer! I love this product, it is so much better than the single one that goes over your head and make you look like you’re wearing a wig from parliament.


Best overnight curlers I’ve ever used!! There’s a bit of a learning curve but you get the hang of it pretty fast. THEY HAVE THE BEST RESULTS.

It works beautifully with my hair!!

Had great hopes for these after seeing all the videos but these don’t work at all for me. I have naturally curly hair and hoped these would help to create soft, controlled curls. They don’t even stay in and I watched all the tutorials. Complete waste of money.

I'm sorry that you've been having troubles getting your Cozy Curlers to work. We have had customers with naturally curly hair that get beautiful results, but in my experience working with curly hair textures, it works best to add a smoothing or curl defining product before using your curlers and to make sure to brush your natural curls as smooth as possible right before wrapping them, as naturally curly hair can revert back to natural curls very quickly.

If you're having troubles keeping them in overnight, you could try wrapping 1 curler into a bun in the back & 1 on each side lengthwise (3 curlers total), then connect them with a scrunchie at the top of your head. This is very comfortable to sleep in & keeps your curlers out of the way and secure.

We have a video on our tutorials page that covers this called: Go-To Curl Routine - Cozy Curlers Inventor, Caitlyn

If it's too hard to put all your hair into 3 curlers, you can also try it with 5 curlers. I hope these tips help! 😊

Cozy Curlers

Cozy curlers are the best, and are extremely useful!!

Everything arrived quickly and is such great quality! I would definitely recommend these to anyone. So soft and the scrunchies are supportive even for my super long hair

So far, I’m loving these. Arrived fast too.

I wanted to love these but they just don't work on my hair. I do wish y'all the best though. I'll keep trying and hopefully they work someday. I don't want to be out $30+. For now my leggings work better and are much more comfy and easy to use

I'm sorry you've had trouble using them. Cozy Curlers were made to be a versatile curler, but with that means they can be tricky to figure out for your goals and sleep preferences.

If you want to try an easy, comfortable way to wrap them, I'd suggest pulling the curlers to the top of your head with a scrunchie. I like to wrap 1 curler into a bun in the back & 1 on each side lengthwise (3 curlers total), then connect them with a scrunchie on top of my head. This is very comfortable to sleep in and keeps your curlers out of the way and secure.

We have a video on our tutorials page that covers this called: Go-To Curl Routine - Cozy Curlers Inventor, Caitlyn

If it's too hard to put all your hair into 3 curlers, you can also try it with 5 curlers. We have a comfortable tight curls tutorial for side sleepers also on our tutorials page. Even though it's tight curls, you can wrap them loosely in the same pattern for looser curls.

Let us know if you have any questions. We're here to help!

Fun clips to wear !

Super easy to use and comfortable to sleep in. My curls are still looking good even after the third day :)

The first rollers that don’t hurt to sleep on!