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Cozy Curlers
Inaia Phoenix
Pretty great

Still learning the best techniques for my hair type, but overall I have been very impressed with Cozy Curlers. The price is very reasonable, and they actually work. I usually just put them in after I shower before going to bed.

Cozy Curlers
Heather L. Frampton
A great hair styling item while you relax or sleep!

I am a huge fan of no-heat styling, and my healthy, very long hair (mid-back length) is my testament. I used just one of the Cozy Curlers on two different occasions (Rolling up a ponytail...), and was pleased with the pretty curls. Comfortable and stays in while sleeping. I call this "lazy hair styling", and it works! I saw the Facebook advertisement reposted by a former co-worker, and that's when I decided to order them and give her a positive review. Fast delivery and very nicely packaged in a zippered case, too.

Cozy Curlers
Hailey Smith
I get THE BEST bouncy curls with these!!!!!

It took me 3 tries to figure these out, but after watching the videos of putting them in it was so much easier! I use a little bit of root lift in my hair and wrap them just like the bouncy curls video and get the best curls that look like i've spent hours on my hair. I LOVE THESE!!!

We're so happy you are enjoying them Hailey! Hope you continue to enjoy them!

Cozy Curlers
Kimberly olson
Wrap netting around curlers

I bought two packs of curlers because 1 pack was just not enough for all my hair. They were a little tricky to use at first but got the hang of it after about 4 tries. Once I had my hair around a curler, the black netting that is to go around the hair after wrapping didn’t stay up on the curler. There wasn’t enough elastic, so this was disappointing since my hair is very thick and long. The net stayed up about halfway thru the curler. The curlers did stay in all night and surprisingly I have lots of curls. So I give this product 4 out of 5 stars just for that netting problem alone. Still satisfied with this product. I will just have to come up with a way to keep the netting up on my own when using again.

Hi Kim, thanks for the feedback. When you are using your Cozy Curlers, are you doing the double wrap? If the net is only pulled over the top of the curler on one side, it will most likely fall out. Bringing the other side over the curler will help it stay better secured overnight. We have a blog post you can visit that you might find helpful for getting them to stay in your hair while sleeping. You can view these tips at

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. We are happy to help!

Awesome curls!

I wish it would let me choose more than one photo! My granddaughter has always had short hair but wanted to let it grow out. It is long now and we have had alot of problems combing her hair in the mornings. She has a disability (SMA) that makes it hard for her to move in bed so her hair always tangled terribly. I put her curlers in last night, no tangles this morning, just BEAUTIFUL CURLS. I think these will be great next year when she returns to in-person school. No more tears in the mornings trying to untangle her hair!!!

You outdid yourself with these curlers! I like that the foam has grip and is great quality. Also thank you for including a spray bottle!
Shipping and delivery was fast and perfect.
I put them in at night and slept without a problem because they are so soft. I woke up and they were all intact and the curls were phenomenal. I know my hair is pin straight and stubborn so it will take doing this for a bit before my curls hold a full day (my curls don’t even last all day from a curling iron).
I plan on buying more of these as gifts because it is a staple for anyone who cares about their hair and still wants to look put together. They are worth every penny because you will not find this quality anywhere.
All your hard work and your passion for this can be seen in your product - great job!

Best 30 bucks I ever spent!

Oh. My gods. Y'all, I slept in these things last night (all 8) and I have the craziest mop of gorgeous curly hair this morning!! I have never had curls this good in MY LIFE and it feels like they will stay all day. And I slept no worse than I normally do in my late 30s... they are comfy enough that I plan to do this thing to my hair every Friday night, just to have a bit of self care that has been seriously lacking in my life. Thank you sooooo much! I will never not have these in my life, so the next step is to see how long they last until I have to replace them. Either way, it is the best 30-some dollars I have ever spent on myself!

Edit- 6 hours and a good brushing later, my hair is still wavy and beautiful. I imagine if I had put any products to keep the hold, they would still be tight and bouncy, but as it is, this curl has lasted longer than any other time in my life, with or without product. I am over the moon!

Cozy Curlers
Sharon Clark
Easy and fun.

I recieved these earlier than expected, I tried one for only 20 to 30 minutes and my hair was curled. I have medium to long African American hair and love the results I got from one curler, I can't wait to curl my entire head. Thank you Caitlyn for creating these.


I have long mostly straight hair down to my waist and this gave me the most beautiful curls! So excited to continue use!

Awesome customer service and curlers

I recently purchased a set of cozy curlers and really loved them and how they worked on my hair. Awesome curls and easy to sleep on!
But more than that, the customer service for cozy curlers is incredible!
I had a small mishap with one of the curlers and it tore. I contacted the company to let them know and see if I could get just one replacement curler. The cozy curlers team responded back to my email in minutes. And within the hour I had a replacement headed my way!
I simply cannot say enough good things about them. They were excellent to work with, warm and helpful and so nice!
Additionally, they sell a great product! Highly recommend for the curlers and for the company!

Outstanding Customer Service!

I recently ordered these to give as a gift. Unfortunately, the order was shipped to a wrong address (my fault). Customer Service was wonderful and searched for my "lost" package by making calls and keeping me informed. The package was found and shipped to the correct address, by the way. 😊Thank you, Caitlyn, for going way beyond and helping me!!

Cozy Curlers
Finally some curlers without hard plastic :-)

I love these. I decided to get them because of Rachel Maksy and I use them for vintage waves usually (almost dry hair+setting mousse). I was never able to sleep in rollers or flexirods because of the plastic.. but I can sleep in these curlers and they don't tug/pull out my hair or hurt my head!! I also like how big they are, it makes the process faster. The only thing I worry about is cleaning them and if the netting will stretch over time. Even so, I'd definitely repurchase them.

Christmas Scrunchies
World’s best scrunchies

Okay these scrunchies are SO CUTE! I ordered them for the holiday season and loved the patterns online, but what I didn’t know is that these are the thickest scrunchies ever — in a good way! I need to loop them around my ponies less times than my go-to Target scrunchies, and they’re big enough so that the pattern shows super well! I always shy away from patterned scrunchies because they get all misshapen once they’re actually in my hair, but not these bad boys! I have worn them nearly every day since receiving them, and they go straight on my wrist when my hair is down. Even straight guys have complemented me, so you know they’re winners 😂

Cozy Curlers

Definitely takes some practice lol. Especially for myself. My hair gets super frizzy though and I haven't been able to tame it. But my faulty hair has nothing to do with cozy curlers. The product is a must buy. :)


These curlers are the BEST! I use them & so does my 12 year old daughter. They are quick & easy to use, comfortable to sleep in & when you take them out in the morning??? WOW! Hollywood curls! And they last for days! SO happy with these :)

Cozy Curlers
Katie Anderson
Great comfy way to curl your hair

The netting on these are brilliant! I have tried curlers similar to these in the past and they always leave a dent near the top of my curls but not these! They were super comfy to sleep in and easy to use. I was afraid of poking a hole through the netting while double wrapping but it is super strong. I love everything about these.

Cozy Curlers

Tried them for the first time the other night and my hair turned out really good. I only had one issue of the curlers staying in while I slept. They got kinda loose but other than that I love them!

Works well!

Probably the only sleep-in hair curlers that don’t make me look like Shirley Temple! Very comfortable to sleep in and I get a lot of compliments. For the hair around my face I like to use a curling iron for precision but it leaves nice mermaid curls/waves in the back.

The hair rollers worked incredibly well, as long as the hair is damp it will curl it perfectly.

Cozy Curlers
So soft!

These curlers gave my thick hair a reboot! They gave me soft, beautiful curls & tons of movement! So easy to use plus the tutorials are great - highly recommend these curlers if you love curls but hate the hassle - these are hassle free!

Cozy Curlers
Cassie Hall
AMAZING! So easy to use

I love cozy curlers! So easy and convenient and save me so much time and don’t damage my hair! So so great, 10/10 would recommend!

Great curls!

My hair is really hard to curl with heat and it would only hold a curl for a couple hours. With cozy curlers, I get great curls and lots of volume too! I love it and would definitely recommend! I split my hair in half & then 3 on each side so I use a total of 6 and they turn out perfect every time!

Cozy Curlers
Carri Balk
Love these!

I have used these curlers twice and love the ease of use and results! First time was a bit overwhelmed by the curl, so toned down the way I wrapped them and the number of curlers I used the second time. Turned out perfect and my husband loves the results as well.

Cozy Curlers
Jessica Griffith
Honestly the best curlers I have ever used

My hair used to have more curl but is only wavy now after having my daughter. I have used many curler products and heatless/overnight curl techniques with lackluster success. These Cozy Curlers are the simplest I have ever used. The design is so ingenious! I hope she has a patent on these. I use these at night and if hair is freshly washed, I have found that it needs to be about 97% dry. Too wet and the tightly bound hair won’t dry throughout the night and therefore won’t curl. Err on the side of more dry and just barely misted with water. I like to wrap my head with a silk scarf to keep everything from rubbing on the pillowcase. I also use a fluffier pillow than normal to help cradle a head full of curlers. Don’t let this sound inconvenient! Only 10 extra minutes at night and about 5 minutes to tweak hair in the morning, this is amazing. Looks like you have spent hours on your hair but this is the lazy girl way! The little bag also clearly had some thought put into it. Simple to put everything back. I could see even taking these on a camping trip when blow dryers and devices are unavailable. Another tip.. if the foam rollers don’t bounce back to their original glory, wet them slightly and they will reform, then let air dry. Again, amazing design and function! I couldn’t be happier!!

Cozy Curlers
Yasemee Nelson
Heartless curlers that ACTUALLY work!

I’ve tried all kinds of heartless curls and they NEVER work for me! But these finally do! I love that you can achieve different styles but using less or more curlers and by wrapping the hair tighter or looser. I have naturally frizzy curly hair so I blow dry it straight first, then I DO NOT DAMPEN as suggested (or my hair will simply frizz again), but I just spray each section with heat protectant styling spray and that dampens it a tiny bit then I wrap and leave tell morning! And beautiful all day curls or waves! Love it!