Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers

Cozy Curlers

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No Heat, No Damage, No Problem! Get Beautiful Curls the Easy Way with Cozy Curlers!

Watch this video to see Cozy Curlers in action!

Cozy Curlers create the curls and waves you want without using heat. Unlike other overnight curlers that are a pain to use overnight, Cozy Curlers only use soft, comfortable materials that you can actually sleep in! Plus they can help you save time while getting the curls and waves you want - and did we mention no heat damage?

Each set contains 8 Cozy Curlers and a designer marbled bag, but that doesn't mean you have to use all 8. Many of our customers use just 2-4 Cozy Curlers to get the styles they want.

Check out our customer reviews below to find out more!

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Customer Reviews

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I have very long hair and these worked so well for me. My hair reaches my butt for reference but these were the only curling product or technic that works. I also have pretty thick hair and I didn't even need to use all 8 to get medium curls. They have a bit of a learning curve but the youtube videos really helped. I move a lot in my sleep and these stayed in really well and were conferrable to sleep on. They also were delivered in less than a week and the site was really easy to use. I love everything about these and can't recommend them more. They are so much better then any of the stuff you would find on amazing or hacks you find on TikTok. I would recommend these to everyone.

These curlers rock!

I have always loved curly hair, but I could never get the hang of traditional hair rollers. But cozy curlers are so much easier! It definitely took me a few times to figure them out, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I use the technique of folding the foam roller in half before wrapping the net around it, and then I wrap the net around twice. I find that is more comfortable for me to sleep in. Seriously these curlers are amazing!

Great No Heat Alternative

I love this clever product!
I’ve been looking for a no heat alternative that gives bouncy curls, I have found it!
I’ve been using them for a few months now and I have my styling technique perfected. First I spray water into a section of hair, then follow with a curl defining mousse, after sleeping on it, I take them out in the morning rake my fingers through and top off with hairspray. It lasts a couple of days. There is a bit of a learning curve depending on what style you’d like to achieve.
I do want to mention, getting it to stay on throughout sleeping has been a challenge because I toss and turn a lot (now I use a hairnet to keep it in place). Overall great purchase!

Amber Johnson
The perfect solution

Believe me when I say I have tried EVERY heatless hair tool out there. They either don’t hold well, are uncomfortable to sleep in or aren’t versatile enough. Cozy curlers solve every single problem I’ve encountered and I can ACTUALLY sleep in them with zero discomfort. I do the double wrap method and tie a net scarf over top to keep everything secure and I wake up with beautiful heat free curls that LAST. I’d love to see an even longer option in the future but other than that I have zero complaints. I will recommend these to everyone.

Andrea Forte

This product is wonderful. We used it on my hair first. I woke up to huge, beautiful curls. Unfortunately, my hair is so heavy they fell out within 4 hours. It's normal and nothing to do with the product. My daughter did hers too and she loved them.

Thank you for your kind review Andrea! For longer lasting curls we suggest adding a lightweight curl enhancing product, such as: curl cream, gel, or mousse after you take a shower, but before wrapping your hair in the curlers. Most hair types will also benefit from using a hairspray or setting spray on your curls after taking out your curls to help the curls hold longer and may help reduce frizz.

Tightly wrapped, overnight curls will typically hold a curl longer than loose curls. This video has been really helpful for many of our customers with straight or heavy hair that struggles to hold a curls:

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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