Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers

Cozy Curlers

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No Heat, No Damage, No Problem! Get Beautiful Curls the Easy Way with Cozy Curlers!

Watch this video to see Cozy Curlers in action!

Cozy Curlers create the curls and waves you want without using heat. Unlike other overnight curlers that are a pain to use overnight, Cozy Curlers only use soft, comfortable materials that you can actually sleep in! Plus they can help you save time while getting the curls and waves you want - and did we mention no heat damage?

Each set contains 8 Cozy Curlers and a designer marbled bag, but that doesn't mean you have to use all 8. Many of our customers use just 2-4 Cozy Curlers to get the styles they want.

Check out our customer reviews below to find out more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews

Best overnight curlers I’ve ever used!! There’s a bit of a learning curve but you get the hang of it pretty fast. THEY HAVE THE BEST RESULTS.

Love these curlers !!!

I have tried several
Different heatless curlers and these are my top favorite. If you want a quick & beautiful heatless option, these are your go to. I also Love to use them on my 4 year old daughter.

If these had been around when I was a kid…

I’m still working out how to make them best work for me to get the results that I want, but I can tell you this: Cozy Curler’s product claims are true.

I had my first experiences with curlers in the early 1980’s. My mother forced me to keep my hair long, and she was VERY into appearances; what this meant for me was that sleeping in curlers, as well as having hot rollers and curling irons used on my hair was a regular thing. Despite being nearly 40 years older now, I STILL remember how uncomfortable it was to try to sleep with a head full of foam rollers, covered by a sleeping cap… It was hot, and while the rollers were soft, they were uncomfortable to sleep on and often tugged at my long, thick hair as I tried to rest. The hot rollers were even worse, as I not only had to wait for my mother to roll them all into my hair, but I then had to wait for them to cool- typically while the pins from the rollers dug painfully into my 5 year old scalp. I HATED it… but refusing wasn’t an option with my mother.

Enter these curlers. COZY Curlers.

Mothers, fathers- if you want an easy, KIND & GENTLE option for your children’s hair (or your own), please know that these ARE in fact, “cozy”. I still have my thick, fine, slightly wavy hair. It isn’t as long as my mother forced me to keep it as a child, but it’s still maybe 4-5 inches past my shoulders. I try to take good care of it and keep it in good condition- which (along with life & time constraints) is why I don’t want to be using flat irons, curling irons and other heat styling options every day. While it will surely take a few “practice” runs with these curlers to figure out what works best for your unique hair type & style goals, I can assure you that these are well worth the money…

I have used 4 “long” rollers (only half of one pack), and, honestly, I felt like that was still too many. The curls were a little too tight for me- but that’s due to my wrapping them a bit tightly and being afraid that I’d get NO results if I used fewer curlers. I was wrong! Using 3 (or even just 2) curlers, while making an effort to avoid wrapping them tightly, works GREAT for my hair. In addition, even when I used 4 curlers, by wrapping/keeping them near the TOP of my head, I was able to use 2 of the 3 included velvet hair scrunchies to secure them in two little bunches on the top of my head to help keep them in place overnight while I slept…
And I slept WELL. These curlers did not pull my hair or hurt my scalp. They stayed on the top of my head and did not unravel. With the texture of the soft, velvet scrunchies & the Cozy Curlers, everything stayed in place. I’m slightly embarrassed to say they even looked a little cute- reminiscent of the “space buns” that I’ve loved since I was a teen. When I took the curlers out the next day, my hair was soft, clean, cooperative & curled. BUY THESE. If you are an adult and want an easy, no heat, no damage option for early morning or traveling- BUY THESE. If you are a dad who wants an easy-to-learn option for giving your child cute, safe, gentle & long-lasting curls- BUY THESE. If you are a mother who likes the look of curls in your child’s hair, but doesn’t like the danger/pain/damage that often accompanies traditional curlers/heat tools- BUY THESE. If you are a senior or person with limited time or mobility to deal with trying to curl your hair, but you still want options to feel pretty & polished- for the love of god, TRY THESE. I’ve got many decades of experience with ALL KINDS of styling options & tools, and these are the gentlest option I have found! I would recommend the “long” curlers for ANYONE with thick hair, as well as anyone with hair that’s at the shoulders or below (gives you room to “grow into” them too if you decide to grow hair longer). For folks with Bob-length hair or above, the short rollers would probably be your best option… but know that these rollers are VERY forgiving & accommodating… Just give yourself a few trial runs to at around with more or less rollers, maybe wrapping things tighter or looser- and make sure you check out the videos on YouTube for CozyCurlers! I really believe that these can be made to work for pretty much any human being looking for a safe, gentle way to curl hair. SO WORTH IT.

Hailey S.
Love these! 10 Stars!

I just got these, and at first I was a little intimidated, but after watching the tutorial it was so easy! I love that I can change my curls by wrapping then differently. I've been using 1 curler in my hair for loose curls, and 4-8 for tighter curls. My hair is half way down my back and a little thick, but not super thick. I just use water and leave-in conditioner most days, but I've noticed that using a little bit of mousse helps my curls last several days! My hair will not hold a curl from a curling iron, so these are my new favorite thing! Favorite purchase of 2023 so far!

Audrey Del Valle
Love it

You got a great fan in France ! Can't stop using it.
Crazy in love with my cozy curler set