Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers
Cozy Curlers

Cozy Curlers

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No Heat, No Damage, No Problem! Get Beautiful Curls the Easy Way with Cozy Curlers!

Watch this video to see Cozy Curlers in action!

Cozy Curlers create the curls and waves you want without using heat. Unlike other overnight curlers that are a pain to use overnight, Cozy Curlers only use soft, comfortable materials that you can actually sleep in! Plus they can help you save time while getting the curls and waves you want - and did we mention no heat damage?

Each set contains 8 Cozy Curlers and a designer marbled bag, but that doesn't mean you have to use all 8. Many of our customers use just 2-4 Cozy Curlers to get the styles they want.

Check out our customer reviews below to find out more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews

As someome who is growing out their natural hair with bleached box dye ends, this is literally saving me from chopping my hair off completely! I usually struggle to sleep with overnight curlers in, but I barely feel these! I still have to practice rolling them up correctly, but I had a beautiful 70's blow out regardless of my own mistakes. I can't wait to master wrapping my curls. You absolutely need to try these!

So good!

These work just as well as my curling wand, but with no heat damage! Hallelujah!
Seriously I am so glad I bought these. They’re easy to use and comfy to sleep in, which seems like a miracle. I have very long, thick, naturally curly hair. But it’s nice to be able to tame the wild mess of hair I usually have into something less frizzy and more defined every once in awhile. I was worried that 8 curlers wouldn’t be enough for all of my hair, but you really can fit a lot into each one. These Cozycurlers will be my go-to routine now! The first picture was taken immediately after taking the curlers out of my hair. The second after finger-combing and shaking a bit. LOVE THEM.

A White
Best heatless curlers out there

I've had these curlers for almost 2 yrs now and I think they are one of the best things I've ever bought. I almost never use heat on my hair, which is long, straight and thick, because I'm worried about heat damage; but I love having curly hair. This was the perfect solution for me. I tried a number of different other heatless curlers before these but was never satisfied, they were always too uncomfortable to sleep in and bad quality. But these are amazing...they are the most comfortable curlers u will find, I can sleep fine in them, the hair stays in them well, they are so easy to do and they come with a beautiful bag and a spray bottle.
I only ever use 4 because thats all I need and I separate them after, so 1 pack could be enough for 2 ppl.
The curls are amazing, it looks like u have used a big curling wand, I love the look. They stay in really well, the next day ur hair has lovely waves🤩
I normally use a bit of hairspray to help them stay in as my hair is very straight naturally.
Saves u loads of time compared to if u used a wand or iron, as they only take 5-10 mins to put in before bed, and 2 mins in the morning to take out and separate.
I also love the fact that your hair doesn't smell burnt like when u use heat, just nice shampoo 🙂
Amazing quality, the curlers have lasted so long and have held their shape.
100% recommend to everyone, for UK customers like me the shipping cost is all worth it.

April K
Comfy Curls

These curlers are the MOST COMFORTABLE kind I have ever used. And the curls last a long time, they may not be as super curly as they start out in the morning but they keep a beautiful curl/wave all day. Loved how easy it was to look polished during my last work conference.


I have very long hair and these worked so well for me. My hair reaches my butt for reference but these were the only curling product or technic that works. I also have pretty thick hair and I didn't even need to use all 8 to get medium curls. They have a bit of a learning curve but the youtube videos really helped. I move a lot in my sleep and these stayed in really well and were conferrable to sleep on. They also were delivered in less than a week and the site was really easy to use. I love everything about these and can't recommend them more. They are so much better then any of the stuff you would find on amazing or hacks you find on TikTok. I would recommend these to everyone.