Extra Long Cozy Curlers

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Heatless curls for extra long hair just got a lot easier!

Extra Long Cozy Curlers were specifically designed to be used on extra long hair. These new curlers are a whopping 10 inches long! Because they are so long, they can be tricky to use if you don't have hair that is 30+ inches long. Check out our length guide to see what length of Cozy Curlers you need for your hair length!

Our Regular sized Cozy Curlers also work well on long hair and are a bit easier to use. We have lots of tutorials showing how to use our regular size of Cozy Curlers, but because Extra Long Cozy Curlers are a new product, we don't have as many instructional videos yet.

Watch this video from the amazing @GingerSnark to see how she used just 3 Extra Long Cozy Curlers in action on her long beautiful hair.


Each set contains 8 Extra Long Cozy Curlers and a designer marbled bag to put them in when you aren't using them. Just because there are 8 in every bag, that doesn't mean you need to use all 8! Scroll through the pictures to see the results from using just a few XL Cozy Curlers.


Customer Reviews

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I had some issues with my hair knotting but the help support was extremely helpful with pointing to videos to helped me as well as tips and tricks. The curls are magnificent


SO good! Love the new larger size! It’s perfect for longer hair!!


The Long curls really make a difference! My hair goes down to past my waist! Way easier to use!


Perfect for the extra long haired girlies!