FAQ's – Cozy Curlers


    • Should I put my Cozy Curlers in my hair right after I get out of the shower?
      • You want to have slightly damp hair when you use your Cozy Curlers. 
      • We suggest letting your hair air dry until slightly damp or using a spray bottle to apply water evenly to each section of hair before it is placed in your curlers. 
      • Hair should be completely dry before taking out curlers; if not, curl may not hold.
    • Should I use Cozy Curlers on dry hair?
      • Again, we suggest your hair be slightly damp. Using a spray bottle on dry hair to dampen each strand is recommended. 
    • How long do the curls last?
      • How long the curls last will depend on a few things: How long you leave your Cozy Curlers in, how many you use, your hair type, and your environment (humidity, heat, etc...)
      • If you leave your Cozy Curlers in overnight, the curls will last longer than when used for an hour or two.
      • Some of our customers report having curls for up to three days, while some say they need to use a curl cream or gel to have their curls last throughout the day. 
      • Everyone's hair is different.
    • Do I need to use certain products on my hair to use Cozy Curlers?
      • Hair thickness, length, texture, and type effects how Cozy Curlers will work on your hair. Everyone's hair is different, so it is best to test your Cozy Curlers with water first or hair products you already use.
      • If you want to have long lasting curl, it is best to use a curl cream, gel, or mousse when the hair is wet, then wrap your hair when it is almost dry, but still damp.
        • We suggest using a leave-in conditioner that will not weigh the hair down.
        • Hair Spray will help the curl hold better, after it has been taken out of the curlers.
    • How many curlers are in 1 pack of Cozy Curlers?
      • There are 8 Cozy Curlers in every pack.
      • Our curlers were designed to fit a lot of hair in each Cozy Curler.
      • 1 pack fits most hair types; however, depending on the desired style, as well as your hair length, texture, and thickness, you may want purchase 2 packs of Cozy Curlers. 
    • Do they work on shorter hair?
      • Cozy Curlers were made for medium to long hair.
      • Hair should be shoulder length or longer.
        • We are developing new Cozy Curlers for shorter hair lengths.