Easy, Everyday Curls using 4 Cozy Curlers

Easy, Everyday Curls using 4 Cozy Curlers

Using 4 Cozy Curlers is one of the easiest way to get easy, beautiful curls. This tutorial shows multiple angles of how to use Cozy Curlers. Part your hair into two sections - right down the middle, then part those sections in half. Spray the sections with water (or product for your hair type), brush, and wrap! Follow the tutorial above to get an idea of how it's done. 

Loose Curl Tips

This next video covers a few loose curl tips. If you want your curls looser than this, you may want to view our 2 Curler Tutorial and add a smoothing product of your choice to help loosen the curls. 

For more Cozy Curler tutorials, go to https://www.cozycurlers.com/pages/tutorials

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