Curls for Locs

Curls for Locs

Want to know how Tanisha got these beautiful loc’d curls? 

Cozy Curlers Locs

Let’s let her tell you all about it.

“Do you want to know how I got these gorgeous loc'd curls? I used Cozy Curlers!

Here are pictures of my hair on Day 1, 2 and 3. Let me tell you how I did it.

1) I used 16 Cozy Curlers. Each set comes with 8.
2) Using the spray bottle that comes with each set, I sprayed water on each section of locs until they were damp (not dripping, but damp).
3) I rolled my hair from the TIP TO THE ROOT. In all of the Cozy Curlers tutorials, you are instructed to roll the hair from the root to the tip. On locs, that creates beach waves. If you want more defined curls, roll from the tip to the root.
4) After I rolled my hair into 16 sections, I sat under my bonnet dryer for an hour. I went to bed with the curlers still in my hair.
5) The next morning, I unrolled my hair, finger combed the curls to separate them and voila!!”

Cozy Curlers Locs

Looser Curls & Waves 

If you don’t want to use water or want a looser curl, you can also try using a wrapping foam instead of plain water. Tanisha used 12 Cozy Curlers overnight with this wrapping foam to get these loose waves.

 Loose Waves with LOCS Cozy Curlers

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