Easy, Overnight Wedding Curls

Easy, Overnight Wedding Curls

Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful days of your life, but that doesn't mean it's not stressful! You have so much to worry about already, you shouldn't have to worry about your hair.

Most brides spend 1-3 hours on their hair and makeup the day of their wedding. If I would have used a curling iron, it would have taken me this long to get ready too (plus, my curls wouldn't have held for more than 2 hours before turning into a light-wave).

But because I used my Cozy Curlers, my curls were done in less than 5-minutes that morning. Watch this short clip to see my wedding day curls reveal. 

Even though it only took me a few minutes the morning of my wedding to get these curls, I still had some prep work the night before. To get curls that lasted the whole day, I used 14 Cozy Curlers on slightly damp hair. 

Using a spray bottle to dampen each piece evenly, I wrapped a small section of hair around each Cozy Curler until all of my hair was wrapped. This took me about 10 minutes, then I went to sleep. I usually only use 4-6 Curlers in my hair, so I was worried it wouldn't be as comfortable to sleep on, but I was pleasantly surprised! It felt like I had a helmet made out of soft pillows wrapped around my head.

Watch the tutorial How to Use Cozy Curlers to learn more about how to use your Cozy Curlers (same process, but take smaller sections and use more curlers). 

These are pictures from the morning of my wedding and later that evening around 5 pm. The curls held so well and were the perfect style for me! 


For any brides to be, I suggest using your Cozy Curlers a few times before your wedding to learn the best way to use your Cozy Curlers in order to get the style you want. 

Weddings are stressful, we hope Cozy Curlers can help alleviate some of that stress so you can enjoy your big day!

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