The Tight Wrap Method

The Tight Wrap Method

The Tight Wrap Method for wrapping Cozy Curlers is one of my favorite ways to do my hair. Sometimes I don't put my curlers in a night. Sometimes I have to workout in the morning or I just forget and fall asleep before I get the chance to put them in. But I don't want to spend an hour damaging my hair by curling it with my curling iron. 

For days like these, I like to do The Tight Wrap Method. My thick, long hair holds the curl better than if I were to do a regular wrap for an hour or two, and I absolutely love the style it creates! Watch this video to see how it's done.

This method works really great during the day, because it helps keep your hair out of your face while your busy doing things. You can also use this method at night for overnight curls, however, it's not quite as cozy as wrapping them length-wise. 

Watch this reveal to see the results of leaving your Cozy Curlers in overnight after being tight wrapped.

Whether you choose to do The Tight Wrap Method for a few hours or overnight, make sure your hair is dry before taking out your Cozy Curlers!

Because this wrap gives you such tight curls, you may need to use a little bit of leave-in conditioner, hair oil, or other smoothing product to help smooth the curls and reduce frizz.

Enjoy your beautiful heatless curls!

Wishing you the best hair ever,

Cozy Curlers

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